What influences the sublimation time?

The sublimation time of AESUB products depends on the following factors:

  • Temperature: high ambient temperatures shorten sublimation time. Low ambient temperatures extend sublimation time
  • Airflow: ventilation shortens sublimation time
  • Surface structure:
    • Features such as pockets, holes or grooves within the surface structure extend sublimation time
    • Even surface structures shorten sublimation time
    • Sublimation starts at exposed areas, such as outer corners or edges
  • Material: sublimation time also depends on the material to which it is applied to
  • Layer thickness: higher layer thickness extends sublimation time
Is AESUB safe to use on all materials and surfaces ?

Material compatibility for specific applications cannot be guaranteed. Users should check specific material compatibility before use. The AESUB products contains solvents.

Particular caution should be used for objects with a transparent – solvent soluble varnish for example. 

Where can I find the safety data sheets?

The safety data sheets can be downloaded from this link: https://tetravision.shop/downloads

Do I need respiratory protection

The AESUB products contains – like almost every aerosol can – propellants and solvents. The spray produces a hydrocarbon concentration in the air. (Comparable with gasoline fumes at the gas station).

The risk of a spray can of AESUB Blue/Orange/White is comparable to other spray cans, containing propellants and solvents.

The concentration level at which is it classified as hazardous to health, is regulated by the maximum workplace concentration (MAC value). It depends on the local circumstances. Air exchange, room size, frequency of use etc.

Basically, AESUB was developed that – as stated in the SDS – no respiratory mask must be worn. The maximum occupational exposure limit values are specified at point 8 in the SDS.

If you can measure the concentration of hydrocarbons in the air, you can easily determine from which level, the use of a suitable mask makes sense or what the risk is.

In case of insufficient ventilation, you should wear suitable respiratory protection. 

The AESUB products does not contain any particles such as titanium dioxide, so users will not be able to breath any particles.

Can I pay by Invoice?

Paying by invoice is possible for professional customers. 

You can request a quote by mail at shop@tetravision.be

Please mention your VAT Number and company details. 

Administrative costs may apply for orders < 250€